About us

About Us

“ We believe that detailed online and up to date statistics is the base of any market analysis. ”

Dataxis was founded way back in 1994 because we believed that detailed online and up to date statistics is the foundation of any market analysis. For fast growing and changing markets, annual data were not enough, and we started to quarterly track the TV, Telecom and Media markets. Then we’ve expanded our coverage to the developing markets (Latin America, CEE, Africa, …) to cover more than 50 markets, +200 countries and +5000 actors every quarter now.

That search for gathering so many detailed data led us to review every reputable source of information we could find and to set up a strong team of analysts. Supported by a reliable methodology, we collect, check and update thousands of data and forecasts using our powerful business intelligence platform. For 15 years, we have successfully provided our data and forecasts on a subscription-based model to the leading actors of the TV, Telecom and digital industry.

We received a lot of requests from companies and individuals who instantly needed some specific statistics, but we were not able to meet their “data on demand” requests. So after 15 years, we felt ready to share some of what we had learned and we decided to launch in April 2020 the first “data on demand” platform specialized in the TV, Telecom, Media and digital industry. This platform not only allows you to unlock unitary statistics by using credits but also to access thousands detailed online market reports and actor profiles updated every quarter. With the data revolution, the need for up-to-date statistics and accurate reports from an independent source which uses a transparent and consistent process will increase as well.

Management Team

Pascal Orhan


Pascal Orhan is known as an expert in broadband and digital TV markets around the world. His expertise is based on extensive experience in various positions in sales and marketing, business development in the cable tv industry, market research, and custom consulting. He is the founder of Dataxis and its CEO as well as Chief Analyst.


Nicolas Gangloff


Nicolas has spent the last 20 years in market research and consulting industries in different management, sales and marketing positions. He has also carried out market studies in the areas of Business TV and Telecom operators deregulation.


Ariel Barlaro


Research manager, analyst and consultant on telecom, TV & media markets. Ariel started up Nextv News and Nextv series of conferences and developed in Latin America. He is now in charge of Dataxis’ Events, Media and Research business across the Americas, managing both sales and production.