Corporate Offer


Dataxis Corporate solutions provide a unique set of online services delivered using the latest BI and data-visualisation technology
and clients can subscribe to any combination of our products by industry and region.

  • One user
  • Paid updates
  • No inquiry service
  • Access country by country
  • Dashboards to deep dive market segment
  • Export data in PDF, JPG, XLS, CSV, PPT
  • No access to the related actor profiles
Corporate Access
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Free data update service
  • Unlimited inquiry service
  • Access by country & region
  • Dashboards to visualize and compare data by country & region
  • Export data in PDF, JPG, XLS, CSV, PPT
  • Access to the related actor profiles

Develop Efficiency

  • Time-saving platform with easy-to-use BI System
  • Efficiency achieved though single source of information
  • Fact-based decision making
  • Ability to access data and convert it quickly into reports

Business Forecasting

  • Effective use of historical data stored to pull out key records
  • Display of detailed data to make successful predictions
  • Helps in making smart & data-driver decisions
  • Tableau platform used for a powerful & fast visualisation tool

Access Key Business Metric Reports Anywhere & Anytime

  • Gain entry to important market data (i.e business metrics…)
  • Can be accessed through any devices with internet access
  • Use this information for your organisation anytime

Export Any Data, Table, Graph or Dashboard

  • Search and filter any data and graphs
  • Instantly export the relevant data into Excel or PDF
  • Customize your preferred use for business & analysis purposes