Data on Demand

"Dataxis On Demand is the first platform
to provide online up-to-date quarterly data and forecasts
tailor-made for your needs and starting as little as $50"

No subscription fees,
Pay only for what you need.
Your data is just one click away!

— Pascal Orhan, CEO, Dataxis —


“ We believe that detailed online and up to date statistics is the base of any market analysis. ”

Dataxis was founded way back in 1994 because we believed that detailed online and up to date statistics is the foundation of any market analysis. For fast growing and changing markets, annual data were not enough, and we started to quarterly track the TV, Telecom and Media markets. Then we’ve expanded our coverage to the developing markets (Latin America, CEE, Africa, …) to cover more than 50 markets, +200 countries and +5000 actors every quarter now.

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All Dataxis’ research on a given topic by using the search bar to search for specific terms.

Search results further by country, topic, actor to find the exact piece of statistics you need.

Instantly unlock the selected statistics using your credits.

Immediately visualise the data and export them in PDF, XLS, PPT & PNG.

+45 000 statistics updated as of April 2020