Getting Started

Getting Started

We are happy to help you with your research on the TV, Telecom, Media and digital markets.

This guide will show you how to access Dataxis intelligence and tell you how to effortlessly find the best answers to your research or which of the many content types suit your needs best.

Just click on a topic from the column on the left to learn more about it.

Setting Up A New Account

  • Complete registration form

           Complete required fields and insert a strong password.

  • Activate your account

          Once you complete your registration you will receive an email from Dataxis with an activation link.

          Click on the link to complete your registration.

  • Finalising the registration

          Once you verified the link, you can now log in using the email address and password you entered during your registration.

Password Forgotten

  • Request a reset on the login page

In case you have forgotten your password, you can simply request to reset it with a link sent to the email address specified in your account.

To reset your password, go to the login page by clicking on the top right login button on the navigation bar. Click on “Forgot password?”

  • Enter your email address

You will need to enter the email address which you entered when you created your account.

  • Create new password

After you have submitted your email address we will check if your address is stored in our database. If your email address exists as a login or in the address data, the system will then send the password reset link.

  • Enter your new credentials

Click on the link you received and enter your new password. We recommend that you use a STRONG password for your security.

Tips for better search results

In addition to the different content types, which let you filter for statistics, reports, etc., there are various other functions for narrowing your search.

You can search for data using the topics menu. You will be able to select your country, then your preferred industry and you will have a list of the different markets that we are covering. You can also search your data via our hot topics on our homepage.

Here are a few more tips for a better search:

  • Remember to check your spelling
  • Be less specific in your wording for a wider search and then use the filters in the search result page to tune your research
  • For exact-term search, put the terms between double quotes: “xxxx”

Content Types

  • Statistics

Today there are over 55,000 data available on our platform. These data are classified into quarterly, yearly or forecast data. Every day our team of in-house analysts update and add new data.

  • Forecasts

With our market forecasts we offer you relevant data on market trends of the industry in around more than 175 countries. Our forecasts are the results of a collaborative process involving both quantitative and qualitative analysis. Dataxis rely on a team of experienced analysts understanding the addressable market and market ecosystem: players, roles, drivers and inhibitors of growth. They are specialized in forecasting techniques, business modelling, and financial analysis.

In order to access all our forecast data, you can simply apply the forecasts filter on the left.

  • Country Reports

Our set of more than 600 reports provides the most comprehensive data set in terms of market sizes, revenue development and relevant companies. Furthermore, we look into the future of each industry providing the latest trends and tangible subscribers & revenue forecasts.

In addition to detailed figures and graphs on the sector in a specific country, it also features comparison with the top countries of the region.

The reports include up to 3-year Quarterly history and up to 5-year forecasts depending on the industry.

Country reports are updated quarterly at reduced pricing. Learn more about the pricing of reports in the BUYING UPDATE section.


  • Actor Profiles

Dataxis has also a set of more than 250 company profiles which are also updated on a quarterly basis with a 5-year history. In our actor profiles, we look into the future of the market providing the latest trends and tangible subscribers & revenue forecasts of the company, as well as information on major competitors.

Actor Profiles are updated quarterly at reduced pricing. Learn more about the pricing of reports in the BUYING UPDATE section.

Buying Credits

  • Select your package

Click on “Buy credits” on the top right corner and select your preferred package.

  • Payment

Complete the payment details, click on place order and you will receive a confirmation email of your purchase.

  • Your balance

You can consult your balance on the top right corner. Your credits bought and free credits will be attributed instantly.

Spending Your Credits

  • Type your keywords into the search bar

You can classify your search according to :

  • Across site : search through the whole database
  • Actor : classifying your search as per a specific actor (e.g Orange, SFR…)
  • Market : classifying your search based on a specific market (e.g Broadband, TV…)

You can also choose among our “Hot Topics”

  • Search results

Depending on the keywords used, you will receive several results on which you can apply filters found on the left hand side

  • Region
  • Countries
  • Actors
  • Industries
  • Markets

You may also decide to select only quarterly or annual data.

  • Buying your data

Once you found your data, click on the link to open the post. To unlock the post, click on “Use 1 credit to unlock the data”, and once you confirm, your data will be available.

Note : you can consult all your posts under “My Products” section, in “My Data”

Buying Country & Market Reports

  • Choose your reports

Go to Reports. Choose between Market Reports or Actor Profiles. Select your preferred report by using the different filters available.

  • Add to your cart

Click on the report and you will have all the details of the coverage actors and the table of contents.

To proceed, click on “Add to cart” then click on “Proceed to checkout”

  • Proceed with the payment

Verify your billing details and complete your payment details. Please note that you can save your payment details to ease your future purchase.

Then click on “Place order”

  • Check your email

You will receive an order confirmation in your email. Your newly bought report can then be consulted or downloaded under the section “My Products” in “My Reports”

Report Update Pricing

We are pleased to offer you discounted price when you buy updates of your reports.

The update pricing is based on the difference between the last quarter update at the time of the initial purchase and the last quarter update at the time of the report update purchase.

As soon as the update of a report is available, you will see a button “BUY UPDATE” in the list of your reports (“MY REPORTS”)

How does it work?

Once the report is updated the BUY UPDATE button will appear just below VIEW DATA in the list of your reports (“MY REPORTS”).
Just click on the button to add the update to your cart.

1. Example: Buying an update after 3 months:

1. Example: Buying an update after 12 months or later:

Exporting your data

Our data can be easily exported into different formats.

Specific tables to export data easily to manipulate them to tailor your needs.

  • PDF
  • CSV
  • PPT
  • PNG (image)
  • XLS

Accessing my products

Accessing data bought using your credits

To access all post unlocked using your credits, please go to My Products and click on My Data.

You will then have a list of all data unlocked and you can filter them using the different filters available on the left hand-side of your screen.


Accessing your market reports or actor profiles.

Once you have bought a market report or actor profile, you can consult them by going to My Products and then My Reports.

Click on VIEW DATA to consult your report and you can also use the filters available on the left hand-side of your screen.

Information about the sources of statistics

All our statistics are carefully collected, analysed, checked by our experienced analysts. and do not get from another third party. The main data sources feeding into our statistics database are the regular financial communication of the players of the industry, the statistical offices (regulators, ministries) and some international institutions.

In addition, we interview the industry to get additional information to back up our estimation when publicly data not available.

Check our methodology page for more information on the different methods of gathering data.

Publishing Dataxis Content

The data purchased through single data, reports or actor profiles can be used only if the proper referencing is being made. For a better knowledge of our term of use please read our general terms of use.