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The newspaper and magazine industry has had until now many difficult years, with publishers seeing their revenues steadily decrease. Many historical actors have exited, and consolidation is generally occurring at national level, with not many global international players beyond the magazine segment. As assets in the newspapers or magazines industries are losing value, many of the recent stake acquisitions are serving political or business influence. These scenarios are observed in most countries, but they are particularly tangible in Central and Eastern Europe and in Latin America. However, besides this trend, new business models favouring digital and the emergence of cross-media groups, such as radio, TV, online, telecom or pay TV for instance, have also started to emerging. While global advertising revenues have been sharply declining, they remain reliant on print advertising, rather than digital revenues. The same trend is observed on the breakdown of revenues coming from circulation. The main issue faced by publishers lies in this contradiction between the focus set on digital transformation and the continued dependence from print revenues. Graphics and visualization tools enable to grasp the market dynamics from first sight. Full data history and forecasts are summarized in downloadable tables, PDF or PPT.

The newspapers and magazines industry in Germany

Although slightly decreasing each year, the German publishing industry remains very important with revenues reaching more than €8.1 billion in 2019. The market’s key players are Funke Medien, Axel Springer, Gruner + Jahr, Burda and Bauer Media. These groups also gained a strong international presence over the years and they often belong to larger diversified groups. For example, Bauer Media is a leader in the radio industry in Europe. Gruner + Jahr is part of the same group as the European television leader RTL.

Population: 83.2M
Population density: 233.04/KM2
Number of households: 41.55M
Average households size: 2
Surface area: 357030 KM2
  • Share of advertising expenditures: publishing v/s other media (TV, radio, OOH, online, cinema)
  • Total net income of all big, medium and small groups (advertising, circulation, digital and print)
  • Analysis of cross-media presence (TV, print, OOH)
  • Regional benchmarking: by country and by actor, per capita revenues
  • Updated in 2020 for YE 2019 with 6-year historical data
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    string(25) "A&E networks Germany"
    string(3) "ARD"
    string(12) "ARTE Germany"
    string(26) "Discovery Networks Germany"
    string(23) "Disney Networks Germany"
    string(17) "ProSieben Germany"
    string(11) "RTL Germany"
    string(15) "Sky Deutschland"
    string(16) "Sport1 (Germany)"
    string(13) "Tele5 Germany"
    string(23) "Viacom Networks Germany"
    string(7) "WeltN24"
    string(3) "ZDF"
  array(21) {
    string(35) "Allgäuer Zeitungsverlag Publishing"
    string(21) "Axel Springer Germany"
    string(19) "Bauer Media Germany"
    string(26) "Berliner Verlag Publishing"
    string(27) "Bremer Tageszeitungen Media"
    string(19) "Burda Media Germany"
    string(18) "Conde Nast Germany"
    string(10) "DHV Medien"
    string(12) "Dumont Media"
    string(24) "E. Holterdorf Publishing"
    string(20) "Funke Medien Germany"
    string(21) "Gruner + Jahr Germany"
    string(14) "Madsack Medien"
    string(24) "Medien Gruppe Publishing"
    string(28) "Press- Druck- und Publishing"
    string(39) "Schleswig-Holsteinischer Zeitungsverlag"
    string(14) "SPIEGEL-Verlag"
    string(34) "Südwestdeutsche Medien Publishing"
    string(13) "Verlag Baader"
    string(20) "Verlagsgruppe Passau"
    string(22) "VRM GmbH & Co. KG"
  array(7) {
    string(17) "awk AUSSENWERBUNG"
    string(7) "Degesta"
    string(16) "JCDecaux Germany"
    string(21) "Ocean Outdoor Germany"
    string(12) "Plakat Union"
    string(21) "Schwarz Aussenwerbung"
    string(14) "Stroer Germany"
  array(53) {
    string(9) "104.6 RTL"
    string(16) "105.5 Spreeradio"
    string(8) "89.0 RTL"
    string(9) "943 r.s.2"
    string(12) "98.8 KISS FM"
    string(11) "Alsterradio"
    string(14) "Antenne Bayern"
    string(10) "Antenne MV"
    string(21) "Antenne Niedersachsen"
    string(17) "Antenne Thuringen"
    string(8) "BB Radio"
    string(22) "Berliner Rundfunk 91.4"
    string(21) "bigFM Hot Music Radio"
    string(2) "BR"
    string(11) "Delta Radio"
    string(17) "Deutschland Radio"
    string(13) "Energy Berlin"
    string(13) "Energy Bremen"
    string(14) "Energy Hamburg"
    string(14) "Energy Sachsen"
    string(12) "Hamburg Zwei"
    string(10) "Harmony FM"
    string(13) "Hit Radio FFH"
    string(21) "Hit Radio RTL Sachsen"
    string(2) "HR"
    string(6) "JAM FM"
    string(20) "Klassik Radio Berlin"
    string(22) "Klassik Radio National"
    string(21) "LandesWelle Thuringen"
    string(3) "MDR"
    string(3) "NDR"
    string(12) "Planet radio"
    string(4) "R.SA"
    string(4) "R.SH"
    string(16) "Radio 21 Germany"
    string(9) "Radio Bob"
    string(18) "Radio Bob rockt SH"
    string(12) "Radio Bremen"
    string(13) "Radio Brocken"
    string(9) "Radio FFN"
    string(13) "Radio Hamburg"
    string(9) "Radio NRW"
    string(9) "Radio PSR"
    string(10) "Radio Salu"
    string(9) "Radio SAW"
    string(3) "RBB"
    string(14) "Rockland Radio"
    string(5) "RPR 1"
    string(17) "RTL Radio Germany"
    string(2) "SR"
    string(12) "Star FM 87.9"
    string(3) "SWR"
    string(3) "WDR"
  array(1) {
    string(16) "Sport1 (Germany)"
  array(23) {
    string(15) "Auf Einen Blick"
    string(11) "Bild + Funk"
    string(8) "Die Zwei"
    string(12) "Fernsehwoche"
    string(8) "Funk Uhr"
    string(4) "Gong"
    string(5) "Horzu"
    string(15) "Mein TV und ich"
    string(8) "Super TV"
    string(10) "TV Digital"
    string(9) "TV Direkt"
    string(11) "TV fur mich"
    string(27) "TV Horen und Sehen TV World"
    string(7) "TV Klar"
    string(7) "TV neu!"
    string(12) "TV Piccolino"
    string(6) "TV Pur"
    string(9) "TV Schlau"
    string(12) "TV Spielfilm"
    string(8) "TV Today"
    string(4) "TV14"
    string(10) "TV4 wochen"
    string(5) "TV4x7"
  array(1) {
    string(15) "Sky Deutschland"
  array(1) {
    string(15) "Sky Deutschland"
  array(1) {
    string(15) "Sky Deutschland"
  array(1) {
    string(15) "Sky Deutschland"
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