One of the oldest media, outdoor or out-of-home (OOH) is employed by advertisers to promote their products and services in public spaces. The advertisements can be placed on billboards and posters; in bus shelters, airports, shopping centres, kiosks and stadiums; inside and outside buses, trains and taxis. In many countries, but not all, the OOH industry has shown resilience in the past years. Even in this context, a wave of consolidations has helped several actors to grow quickly. As other traditional media, OOH is not immune to innovation. The major trend is Digital OOH, which replicates OOH offers in dynamic digital formats. Programmatic DOOH is also quickly expanding.

The OOH market in USA

The US’ out-of-home (OOH) market, also known as outdoor media, amounted to more than $5.8 billion in 2019. Over the last five years, the market has significantly grown (+4% YoY on average). OOH in the US is consolidated around three majors groups: Lamar Advertising, Clear Channel and Outfront Media, accounting for more than 75% of the total market. Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising revenues, comprising of digital billboards, signboards and small screens, have progressively been introduced in the country and the media has experienced significant growth in recent years. Digital revenues now represent around 31% of the total US OOH market.

Population: 330.39M
Population density: 34.31/KM2
Number of households: 128.16M
Average households size: 2.58
Surface area: 9.63 M KM2
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    string(16) "21st Century Fox"
    string(22) "A&E Networks U.S."
    string(17) "AMC Networks U.S."
    string(33) "Block Communications Broadcasting"
    string(10) "Bonneville"
    string(20) "Capitol Broadcasting"
    string(17) "CBS Networks U.S."
    string(19) "Cocola Broadcasting"
    string(19) "Cowles Broadcasting"
    string(22) "Cox Media Broadcasting"
    string(7) "Cozi TV"
    string(23) "Discovery Networks U.S."
    string(20) "Disney Networks U.S."
    string(24) "E.W Scripps Broadcasting"
    string(21) "Entertainment studios"
    string(17) "Fox Networks U.S."
    string(13) "Fuse networks"
    string(12) "Graham Media"
    string(17) "Gray Broadcasting"
    string(20) "Griffin Broadcasting"
    string(17) "Hallmark networks"
    string(8) "HBO U.S."
    string(19) "Hearst Broadcasting"
    string(21) "Hemisphere Media U.S."
    string(20) "Hubbard Broadcasting"
    string(14) "Ion Television"
    string(17) "KM communications"
    string(16) "Kroenke networks"
    string(21) "Liberman Broadcasting"
    string(5) "Me-TV"
    string(21) "Meredith Broadcasting"
    string(20) "Mission Broadcasting"
    string(26) "Morgan Murphy Broadcasting"
    string(17) "Morris Multimedia"
    string(26) "NBCUniversal Networks U.S."
    string(20) "Nexstar Broadcasting"
    string(16) "NPG Broadcasting"
    string(3) "PBS"
    string(12) "Quincy Media"
    string(21) "Sinclair Broadcasting"
    string(20) "Spanish Broadcasting"
    string(19) "Starz Networks U.S."
    string(18) "Tegna Broadcasting"
    string(9) "Telemundo"
    string(6) "The CW"
    string(7) "This TV"
    string(28) "Tribune Broadcasting Network"
    string(20) "Turner Networks U.S."
    string(9) "Univision"
    string(23) "ViacomCBS Networks U.S."
  array(63) {
    string(21) "A. H. Belo Publishing"
    string(14) "AARP Magazines"
    string(16) "Adams Publishing"
    string(31) "Advance Publications Publishing"
    string(9) "AIM Media"
    string(25) "American Media Publishing"
    string(22) "Authentic Brands Group"
    string(29) "Berkshire Hathaway Publishing"
    string(26) "Black Press Publishing USA"
    string(31) "Block Communications Publishing"
    string(22) "Bonnier USA Publishing"
    string(23) "Boston Globe Publishing"
    string(15) "CNHI Publishing"
    string(14) "Cox Publishing"
    string(30) "Digital First Media Publishing"
    string(25) "El Especialito Publishing"
    string(34) "Evening Post Industries Publishing"
    string(23) "Forbes Media Publishing"
    string(24) "Fortune Media Publishing"
    string(31) "Forum Communications Publishing"
    string(18) "Gannett Publishing"
    string(15) "Gatehouse Media"
    string(13) "Georges Media"
    string(20) "GFR Media Publishing"
    string(21) "Hearst USA Publishing"
    string(20) "Kiplinger Publishing"
    string(32) "Lee Enterprises Publishing Media"
    string(20) "LNP Media Publishing"
    string(27) "Los Angeles Time Publishing"
    string(27) "MaineToday Media Publishing"
    string(28) "Mansueto Ventures Publishing"
    string(20) "McClatchy Publishing"
    string(19) "Meredith Publishing"
    string(22) "Motor Trend Publishing"
    string(39) "National Geographic Partners Publishing"
    string(20) "News Corp Publishing"
    string(13) "Newsday Media"
    string(21) "NTVB Media Publishing"
    string(16) "Ogden Publishing"
    string(23) "Paxton Media Publishing"
    string(23) "Penske Media Publishing"
    string(23) "Philadelphia Publishing"
    string(24) "Seattle Times Publishing"
    string(34) "Smithsonian Institution Publishing"
    string(29) "Southern Community Publishing"
    string(29) "Star Tribune Publishing Media"
    string(21) "Sun-Times Media Group"
    string(17) "Tampa Media Group"
    string(14) "TEN Publishing"
    string(24) "The Economist Publishing"
    string(29) "The New York Times Publishing"
    string(21) "The Week Publications"
    string(23) "Tierra Media Publishing"
    string(19) "Time USA Publishing"
    string(16) "Times Publishing"
    string(40) "Times-Shamrock Communications Publishing"
    string(18) "Tribune Publishing"
    string(31) "Trusted Media Brands Publishing"
    string(22) "Voice Media Publishing"
    string(20) "Vox Media Publishing"
    string(26) "Washington Post Publishing"
    string(22) "Wehco Media Publishing"
    string(30) "Wick Communications Publishing"
  array(4) {
    string(17) "Clear Channel USA"
    string(12) "JCDecaux USA"
    string(21) "Lamar Advertising USA"
    string(18) "Outfront Media USA"
  array(23) {
    string(15) "Alpha media USA"
    string(13) "Beasley Radio"
    string(16) "Bonneville Radio"
    string(17) "Connoisseur Media"
    string(9) "Cox Radio"
    string(13) "Cumulus Radio"
    string(20) "Emmis Communications"
    string(14) "Entercom Radio"
    string(17) "Entravision Radio"
    string(13) "Hubbard Radio"
    string(11) "iHeartRadio"
    string(21) "Liberman Broadcasting"
    string(13) "Meruelo Media"
    string(22) "Midwest Communications"
    string(3) "NPR"
    string(15) "Radio Disney US"
    string(9) "Radio one"
    string(10) "Saga Radio"
    string(11) "Salem Radio"
    string(9) "Sirius XM"
    string(20) "Spanish Broadcasting"
    string(10) "Townsquare"
    string(12) "Uforia Radio"
  array(6) {
    string(7) "Baby TV"
    string(9) "Boomerang"
    string(7) "Cozi TV"
    string(15) "NBA League Pass"
    string(7) "This TV"
    string(4) "Viki"
  array(0) {
  array(4) {
    string(7) "Baby TV"
    string(9) "Boomerang"
    string(15) "NBA League Pass"
    string(4) "Viki"
  array(4) {
    string(7) "Baby TV"
    string(9) "Boomerang"
    string(15) "NBA League Pass"
    string(4) "Viki"
  array(1) {
    string(9) "Univision"
  array(1) {
    string(4) "Viki"
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