Although being one of the oldest media, radio continues to experience a positive momentum in many countries, and is showing resilience despite the surge of online. Radio, which is a predominantly a live linear broadcast flow of curated music and speech, also represents an important part of the growing audio market, which comprises on-demand music streaming services (such as Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer), podcasts and audiobooks. Innovations in audio, such as personalized digital audio advertising, the rise of voice AI assistants like Alexa, Siri or Google Home are providing opportunities for new entrants as well as incumbent radio networks. Historically, the radio industry has developed differently in all regions of the world. In the USA and Latin America, radio is essentially commercial. In Europe, public radio broadcasters capture in most countries the lion’s share of available resources and audience. Until today, streaming audio and radio have evolved in parallele worlds, but the same trend already observed in the TV industry, coping with the SVOD emergence, could also disrupt the radio industry, as shown through the example of Spotify, which added radio news in music playlists, as well as a large choice of podcasts and shows.

The radio market in Italy

The Italian radio market is characterized by a large fragmentation of local and regional players. There are approximately 400 local broadcasters. However the national offer is dominated by the public broadcaster RAI and a number of commercial networks, generally also active in other media, such as GEDI Gruppo Editoriale, Radio Dimensione Suono, RTL 102.5, Mediaset or Gruppo 24 Ore. Concerning the Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB/DAB+) network, in January 2020, a law was adopted to implement digital capability for all radio receivers in the country. Today, the DAB+ coverage population stands at 84% and should increase over the years. Furthermore, digital radio advertising revenues, which combine both website and podcast revenues, have become more and more important in the total revenues of radio groups in recent years. Digital radio revenues have reached 6.6 % of the total radio advertising revenues in Italy in 2020.

Population: 60.3M
Population density: 200.33/KM2
Number of households: 25.72M
Average households size: 2.34
Surface area: 301000 KM2
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    string(9) "Sky Italy"
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    string(25) "Avvenire Nuova Editoriale"
    string(16) "Cairo Publishing"
    string(24) "Class Editori Publishing"
    string(16) "Conde Nast Italy"
    string(13) "Conti Editore"
    string(29) "Corriere Adriatico Publishing"
    string(31) "Corriere Dello Sport Publishing"
    string(19) "Corriere Publishing"
    string(25) "DB Information Publishing"
    string(16) "Del Duca Editori"
    string(25) "Domenico Sanfilippo Media"
    string(17) "Edisud Publishing"
    string(20) "Editoriale Bresciana"
    string(22) "Editoriale Domus Media"
    string(29) "Editoriale Freedom Publishing"
    string(19) "Editoriale Il Fatto"
    string(17) "Editoriale Libero"
    string(17) "Gazzetta di Parma"
    string(17) "GEDI News Network"
    string(53) "Giornale Di Sicilia Editoriale Poligrafica Publishing"
    string(12) "Hearst Italy"
    string(21) "La Verità Publishing"
    string(22) "Poligrafici Editoriale"
    string(25) "RCS MediaGroup Publishing"
    string(16) "S.E.S Publishing"
    string(11) "S.E.S.A.A.B"
    string(15) "SETA Publishing"
    string(24) "Soc. Europea Di Edizioni"
    string(15) "Societa Athesis"
    string(33) "Societa Edit Cremonese Publishing"
    string(29) "Societa Iniziative Publishing"
    string(12) "Unione Sarda"
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    string(16) "A&P Outdoor"
    string(19) "Clear Channel Italy"
    string(10) "IPG Decaux"
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    string(8) "Elemedia"
    string(22) "Radio Dimensione Suono"
    string(12) "Radio Italia"
    string(15) "Radio Kiss Kiss"
    string(14) "Radio Mediaset"
    string(9) "RAI Radio"
    string(19) "RTL 102.5 Hit Radio"
    string(10) "Sole 24Ore"
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