Although being one of the oldest media, radio continues to experience a positive momentum in many countries, and is showing resilience despite the surge of online. Radio, which is a predominantly a live linear broadcast flow of curated music and speech, also represents an important part of the growing audio market, which comprises on-demand music streaming services (such as Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer), podcasts and audiobooks. Innovations in audio, such as personalized digital audio advertising, the rise of voice AI assistants like Alexa, Siri or Google Home are providing opportunities for new entrants as well as incumbent radio networks. Historically, the radio industry has developed differently in all regions of the world. In the USA and Latin America, radio is essentially commercial. In Europe, public radio broadcasters capture in most countries the lion’s share of available resources and audience. Until today, streaming audio and radio have evolved in parallele worlds, but the same trend already observed in the TV industry, coping with the SVOD emergence, could also disrupt the radio industry, as shown through the example of Spotify, which added radio news in music playlists, as well as a large choice of podcasts and shows.

The radio market in Spain

The radio market in Spain is characterized by the dominance of Prisa Radio and Radio Popular (COPE), which together represent 39% of the total revenues amounting to €720 million in 2019. Most of the audience goes to generalists and music radios, and the regional offer is particularly strong. All regional public broadcasters have strong established public radios groups, such as RTVA, CCMA or EITB for instance. Concerning the Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB/DAB+) network, the first signals were launched in 1998 in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. Between 2002 and 2011, the DAB population coverage stood at 52% but it then started to decrease to reach around 20% in recent years, with an objective to facilitate the migration to DAB+. Finally, digital radio advertising revenues, which combine both website and podcast revenues, have become more and more important in the total revenues of radio groups in recent years. Digital radio revenues have reached 6.6% of the total radio advertising revenues in Spain in 2020.

Population: 47.08M
Population density: 93.16/KM2
Number of households: 18.77M
Average households size: 2.51
Surface area: 505370 KM2
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    string(13) "Atresmedia TV"
    string(24) "Discovery Networks Spain"
    string(21) "Disney Networks Spain"
    string(17) "Forta Televisions"
    string(15) "Mediaset Espana"
    string(3) "TVE"
    string(24) "ViacomCBS Networks Spain"
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    string(20) "Axel Springer Espana"
    string(27) "Casual Magazines Publishing"
    string(21) "Cavall Fort Publising"
    string(13) "CENTRO MANCHA"
    string(16) "Conde Nast Spain"
    string(28) "Connecor Revistas Publishing"
    string(14) "Correo Gallego"
    string(11) "Diari Segre"
    string(26) "Diari Tarragona Publishing"
    string(27) "Diario El Pueblo Publishing"
    string(27) "Ediciones Izoria Publishing"
    string(22) "Ediciones Prensa Libre"
    string(32) "Ediciones y Servicios Integrales"
    string(25) "Editoral Prensa Asturiana"
    string(19) "Editorial Ecoprensa"
    string(22) "Editorial Iparraguirre"
    string(30) "Editorial La Capital Publisher"
    string(17) "Editorial Menorca"
    string(24) "Editorial Nueva Alcarria"
    string(14) "EIG Multimedia"
    string(28) "El Diario De Leon Publishing"
    string(19) "El Progreso De Lugo"
    string(19) "Eldiario Publishing"
    string(9) "EWN Media"
    string(21) "Godo Publishing Spain"
    string(13) "Grupo V Spain"
    string(12) "Hearst Spain"
    string(17) "Henneo Publishing"
    string(20) "Hermes Comunicacions"
    string(10) "Hola Spain"
    string(22) "Informaciones Canarias"
    string(16) "Innova Ediciones"
    string(33) "Joaquín Ferrer y Cía Publishing"
    string(15) "Joly Publishing"
    string(18) "Julián Sanz Soria"
    string(20) "Key Publishing Spain"
    string(26) "La Información Publishing"
    string(21) "La Región Publishing"
    string(16) "Libertad Digital"
    string(31) "Luike Iberoamérica De Revistas"
    string(18) "Motor Presse Spain"
    string(24) "Norea Y Aloman Ediciones"
    string(30) "Noves Edicions Altempordaneses"
    string(23) "Novotécnica Publishing"
    string(14) "OCU Publishing"
    string(18) "Planeta Publishing"
    string(15) "Premsa d´Osona"
    string(28) "Premsa Periòdica Publishing"
    string(18) "Prensa Científica"
    string(20) "Prensa Iberica Media"
    string(16) "Prisa Publishing"
    string(19) "Promecal Publishing"
    string(19) "Promotor Salmantino"
    string(19) "Publicaciones Anoia"
    string(19) "Publicaciones Heres"
    string(18) "RBA Revistas Spain"
    string(25) "Rias Baixas Comunicación"
    string(16) "Serra Publishing"
    string(21) "Spain Media Magazines"
    string(27) "Unidad Editorial Publishing"
    string(18) "Vocento Publishing"
    string(14) "Voz Publishing"
    string(16) "Zeroa Publishing"
    string(16) "Zinet Publishing"
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    string(18) "BlowUP Media Spain"
    string(19) "Clear Channel Spain"
    string(13) "Exterior Plus"
    string(18) "Global Media Spain"
    string(47) "Gran Pantalla De Eventos De Publicidad Exterior"
    string(12) "Grupo Redext"
    string(14) "JCDecaux Spain"
    string(31) "Malla Publicidad Exterior Spain"
    string(24) "Playthe.Net Digital Sign"
  array(23) {
    string(17) "Atres Media Radio"
    string(9) "Canal Sur"
    string(44) "Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals"
    string(49) "Corporació Valenciana de Mitjans de Comunicació"
    string(45) "Corporación Aragonesa de Radio y Televisión"
    string(46) "Corporación de Radio y Televisión de Galicia"
    string(45) "Corporación Extremeña de Medios Audiovisual"
    string(50) "Ens Public de Radiotelevisió de les Illes Balears"
    string(38) "Ente Público RadioTelevisión Canaria"
    string(52) "Ente Público RadioTelevisión de Castilla-La Mancha"
    string(30) "Euskal Irrati Telebista (EITB)"
    string(28) "Grupo Godó de Comunicación"
    string(16) "Grupo KISS Media"
    string(19) "Intereconomia Radio"
    string(16) "Libertad Digital"
    string(11) "PRISA Radio"
    string(17) "Radio Popular S.A"
    string(41) "Radio Televisión de la Región de Murcia"
    string(23) "Radio Television Madrid"
    string(35) "Radio Televisión Pública de Ceuta"
    string(42) "Radiotelevision Del Principado de Asturias"
    string(3) "RNE"
    string(22) "Unidad Editorial Radio"
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