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More than 750 market reports and 1400 actor profiles

Our reports provide the most comprehensive data set in terms of market sizes, revenue development and relevant companies within a total of more than 150 countries and 1,400 companies. We look into the future of TV, Telecom, Media and Digital industries providing the latest trends and tangible subscribers & revenue forecasts. In addition to detailed figures and graphs, it also features geographical comparison and competitive bench marking.

  • Up to 3-year Quarterly history
  • Quarterly up-to-date detailed data & history by operator and technology
  • Small, medium and big operators covered
  • Geographical comparison
  • Competitive bench-marking
  • 5-year forecasts
  • Annual forecasts by technology and country
  • Market segment deep dives with interactive dashboards
  • Extract any set of data & graphs (XLS,PDF, PPT,PNG)

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Report Update Pricing

We are pleased to offer you discounted prices when you buy updates of your reports.

The update pricing is based on the difference between the last quarter update at the time of the initial purchase and the last quarter update at the time of the report update purchase.

As soon as the update of a report is available, you will see a button “BUY UPDATE” in the list of your reports (“MY REPORTS”)

Price of the update
1 quarter difference
25% of the regular pricing
2 quarters difference
50% of the regular pricing
3 quarters difference
75% of the regular pricing
4 quarters or more
100% of the regular pricing

How does it work?

Once the report is updated the BUY UPDATE button will appear just below VIEW DATA in the list of your reports (“MY REPORTS”).
Just click on the button to add the update to your cart.

1. Example: Buying an update after 3 months:

1. Example: Buying an update after 12 months or later:

For any question about the update pricing, contact: