October, 2020


Optimizing the OTT Customer Journey

OTT apps aren’t set it and forget it. With increased competition and churn among streaming video services reaching an all-time high, OTT service providers need to proactively guide users through each lifecycle phase and optimize the experience they deliver to their customers.

This e-book goes in depth on how OTT service providers can increase short- and long-term awareness, inbound traffic, conversions, churn reduction, customer lifetime value and more.

Download today and learn:
  • Why media companies need to start thinking like software companies
  • Why engagement and retention should be your biggest priorities
  • Nine OTT engagement & retention KPIs you should be tracking
  • How the OTT marketing funnel works
July, 2020

Digital Element

IP Intelligence and the Digital Broadcast Revolution

Watching video on a computer amounted to five minutes per day in the first quarter of 2019. Time spent watching live TV was 267 minutes. More adults watched video content via a TV-connected device in 2019 than ever, and time spent consuming video via an app or the internet on a smartphone also increased.

And it looks likely that this shift from linear to on-demand television is only going to continue to grow, meaning that broadcasters must consider how they will compete in an increasingly saturated market.

July, 2020


Remote Production – the new norm for projects large and small Regional events can now leverage Edit @Home just like the high-visibility, global ones

TV production techniques are continually evolving. Nowhere is this more evident than in the production of live events — often sporting events, but also applicable to news gathering and reporting, musical performances, and corporate event coverage. But live event coverage has been a notoriously expensive proposition.

Several large sporting events have shown the precise value of remote (Edit @Home or “REMI”) production, where actions are captured at the event location. Still, production activities — such as editing, creating highlight segments, and even generating news stories — occur at the broadcaster’s home base.

A short solutions brief outlines the benefits within reach with Edit @Home even for smaller productions — it’s not just for the significant, global events anymore.

July, 2020


New Postproduction Tools Equip Workflows for HDR & 4K Surge Telestream Smooths Quality Tools Adaptation to New Era in Viewing Experience

Video post production teams face challenges posed by new dynamics in coloration, luminance, and pixel density which can only be met with the aid of quality management tools that have been designed for the tasks at hand.

The most far-reaching changes involve content formatted to various high dynamic range (HDR) and HDR-related wide colour gamut (WCG) templates. These create an array of complexities that need to be addressed with attention at new levels of frame-to-frame and in-frame granularity.

With 8K UHD sets now in commercial production and more extraordinary advances in display technology on the horizon, new challenges will arise. Toolsets acquired to meet current quality-assurance requirements should be designed for upgradeable adaptations to future needs.

The paper explores how the changes in display technology impact content strategies and the implications for post production processes. Additionally, the paper provides how Telestream enables post production professionals to address these challenges.

July, 2020


The challenges and benefits operators must consider when migrating to a cutting-edge multiscreen video service

Far from being ‘the future’, delivery of TV over broadband is the current expectation for millions of viewers. Whether broadcast(multicast), time-shifted or video on demand (VOD), the aggregate US audience for IPTV services is larger than the country’s population. This gives operators greater opportunities to differentiate and build subscriber loyalty with aggregated video services. This white paper has been created to help clarify what can be a confusing landscape for operators.

Want to dig in deeper? Download the whitepaper.

March, 2020


Streaming and Download Insights from Europe (Free Report)

The smartphone has enabled viewers to watch content on the go. Yet, the mobile user experience is not always ideal.

The European Mobile Streaming Behavior Report reveals what frustrates viewers in Western Europe about mobile streaming and why they’re downloading videos more to avoid these issues. Plus, it discusses new opportunities for providers to increase revenue through user-friendly features such as ad-supported video downloads.

Read our report to gain valuable insight into how viewers interact with mobile apps.

A snapshot of our research:

  • European respondents are enthusiastic about mobile streaming: 72% stream daily or weekly.
  • 85% reported that they have experienced streaming frustrations.
  • Downloading is important to European viewers: 67% said they would pay a monthly premium for a mobile video download feature.

Want to dig in deeper? Download the report.

March, 2020


OTT Trends & Future Predictions

Consumers expect streaming content from robust OTT apps for mobile and connected TVs. But only the best brands evolve these apps into successful enterprises. Now yours will, too.

Download our latest Whitepaper on OTT trends & future predictions today. After reading it, you’ll have some insider knowledge in:

  • OTT entertainment and media spending forecasts
  • How UX will continue to drive OTT app engagement
  • Pros and cons of direct-to-consumer TV apps vs. streaming service aggregators.
  • Launching/improving an OTT service in 2020: challenges and opportunities
  • Growing your team: in-house vs offshoring vs near shoring
December, 2019


The Future of the OTT Experience

In an increasingly competitive and splintered media landscape, how can publishers and content owners ensure their video output and their platform are as engaging and user focused as they can be?

Sportradar’s latest white paper – The Future of the OTT Experience – explores how sporting data and user insights are growing engagement and ensuring an improved fan experience across the OTT space as well as how tactics such as personalisation, interaction and gamification can keep users on platforms for longer.

November, 2018


Winning over the youngest audience

This whitepaper will help you get to grips with the true digital natives, Generation Touch, and show how to create a safe and child-friendly environment, which will not only win over the hearts of your youngest audience, but also boost your return on investment in kids’ content, put you ahead of competitors and guarantee loyal, long-term customers.

Along the way, you will learn about:

  • The birth of the tactile tribe and their influence within the household
  • Redefining how content is consumed with a unique product offering
  • Tackling two targets: satisfying the demands of kids who use and parents who approve
  • Reconquering lost territories to improve content monetisation